Choice's CBT Private intensive Retreat To Treat Burnout, Anxiety & Depression

8 – 14 Day Intensive CBT Retreat Produces Results Equivalent To 6 – 12 Months Of Weekly Sessions

“I had to literally go to the End of the World to realize the truth about my panic attacks. Jeremy works like a precise neurosurgeon. And even though our psyche is not visible, he aims his scalpel exactly where it hurts and carves the pain away. For me, he is the surgeon of the soul and very precise one .”

Intensive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programs in Bali – Anxiety And Depression Retreats

Choices Retreats is an intensive evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy that incorporates mindfulness practices within a holistic framework.

Luxury Accommodation

Clients are hosted in a luxury boutique accommodation called Desa Seni, an environment that is conductive to healing and recovery.

Effective Treatment

This program is beneficial for a list of mental health issues including stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues and more

Private Care

We work with 1 person at a time for more privacy, efficiency and effectiveness


Clinical Psychologist

Led by clinical psychologist Jeremy Alford (PhD), with over 17 years of mental health experience working in several countries with diverse cultures; integrates evidence-based CBT and mindfulness practices in a unique tropical and serene environment within the confines of a boutique retreat.

After working for many years in typical clinical settings, seeing patients on a weekly basis, Dr Alford has observed that when a person commits to an intensive CBT program, on one of our intensive therapy retreats, progress and recovery happens much faster. The progress accomplished in an 8 -14 day intensive 2 hours a day of CBT and up to 2.5 hours of mindfulness practices each day is equivalent to the work and recovery a person suffering with anxieties and depression could typically make over a period of 6 months to a year of weekly sessions. an intensive CBT program, on our

The Program

A typical day will include:


2 hours of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) daily


1.5 – 2.5 hrs of Mindfulness Practices (i.e. Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation) daily


Fresh and organic meals (taking nutritional needs of each person into consideration)


Therapeutic massages


Access to swimming pool & garden


Free time for journaling, reading recommended books and further ‘homework’ accompanying the CBT program


Pickup and drop-off at the International airport

Continued Support

We also offer long-term continued therapy support in order to ensure continuity of progress whether face to face if the person happens to reside in Bali or online if elsewhere around the globe


Here’s what some of my happy clients have to say…

“Jeremy was my saviour! He has changed my life forever and I will be eternally grateful. He has taught me life lessons that I feel so lucky to have learnt. He was the perfect person to take me through the process and gave me everything I needed, and more throughout.”

“Thank you to the whole team and especially to Jeremy who is an amazing therapist and who is also fluent in French which made my life easier as I am not a native English speaker.”

“The cognitive therapy program proposed by Dr J was indescribable; the proposed location is the best place to do such programs, the environment is very healthy and peaceful, the proposed mindfulness activities (yoga, meditation….) are very helpful.”


Recognizing that stress is having a negative effect on your daily life is one step closer to healing…

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PTSD is usually associated with the result of an extremely violent experience, however this is not the only type of trauma…

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An extreme form of sadness that does not seem to have an ending in which feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, demotivation, emptiness…

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A feeling of worry, concern, unease, nervousness that is typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome…

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Relationships are both simple and complex. Simple because that is how they can actually be but in the majority of cases aren’t…

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Eating disorders or disordered eating habits are characterized as an unhealthy relationship with food, in which food is consumed or not as a way of dealing…

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We know how difficult it can be to make the first step to seeking help. Before making any decision, you are offered a free of charge brief consultation online to discuss your concerns, to ask any questions and for us to be able to inform you on the suitability of our intensive program.


Our mission is to guide every person and couple to unlock themselves from past habits and patterns in order to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. We take great pride in taking exceptional care of each person we see. Anonymity, Respect, Confidentiality are the key foundations of Choices Depression Retreats. Whether you are struggling with stress at work, need a stress burnout retreat, fighting through your anxieties, barely keeping yourself afloat from depression or still stained by your traumas, going through a difficult break up or searching to save your marriage; our private clinical program is an effective solution for you. Change is a choice that begins with you. Choose for lasting change and take one of our bespoke programs to suit your needs; choose from intensive anxiety retreat, trauma retreat or couple issues retreat


Our Vision is based on the fact that every form of life is connected to every other. How we think, feel and act influences each other. Like a chain reaction we suffer or we heal. It is through small steps of awareness work that we can learn to develop essential tools with the help of a qualified professional that will allow us to begin a personal journey for lasting change. A change based on kindness, self-respect and above all, self-love.


We also offer online CBT sessions throughout the year. In today’s world, getting qualified professional help is within reach no matter where you are located. Online sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home or office, in full confidentiality. Sessions are carried out over your laptop with a camera. You are sent a private link to access your virtual therapy session.


Bethany is a Clinical Psychologist who brings a comprehensive background of knowledge and experience in her therapy with clients. She has worked in both clinical and non-clinical settings and has experience working with clients from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Bethany uses a client-centred approach in therapy, meaning that she works collaboratively with clients in identifying and working towards their therapeutic goals. She believes that the therapeutic relationship is fundamental in the therapy process and can provide clients with the support they require in order to make positive changes in their lives. Bethany provides both a safe and secure environment from which clients can begin to explore the attachment models created in childhood that can continue to impact our adult relationships and lives.

Bethany has worked with people experiencing various concerns, including anxiety, depression, burnout, unprocessed trauma and abuse, behavioral difficulties and attachment problems. She uses a range of evidence-based therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing acceptance and commitment therapy, and other mindfulness-based therapies. Bethany believes that the supportive exploration of personal challenges in a safe and nurturing environment allows for the client to experience personal growth, create positive changes in their lives, and enhance their wellbeing and quality of life. You can see Bethany’s LinkedIn Profile here:


Masters Degree

Clinical Psychologist


An Introduction to Psychology for the Middle East (and Beyond)

The Eating Disorders section in Chapter 11, written by Dr Jeremy Alford PhD (President and Founder of the NGO Middle East Eating Disorders Association of the Introduction to Psychology for the Middle East (and Beyond) textbook; is an introductory overview of the biological, psychological and social factors of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders in the Middle East. There are many types of eating disorders that people are unaware of. The readers will be able to have brief information on how eating disorders are treated, along with knowing where to find the most up to date information, advice and support in the Middle East region.  The Middle East Eating Disorders Association (MEEDA) is a non-profit organization whose aim is to raise awareness, provide support as well as offer professional eating disorders trainings.

The book is the first text aimed directly at students of psychology in the Middle East, and is a riposte to countless previous textbooks that have ignored the culturally-specific ways that psychology is researched and practiced in diverse regional contexts.


Yoga Teacher and Reiki practitioner

Vanessa Bachmann is a fully certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki practitioner with a solid  background in Coaching, Meditation and Mindfulness practice. She is passionate to guide people on their journey in life and has worked with people from all over the world and with different ethnical backgrounds and mental health issues (from burnout to depression, anxiety,…). Her philosophy is to listen to your body and to learn to trust yourself.  In her classes she creates a safe space and an environment where clients can develop their practice in a gentle way and at their own pace.

The classes are Yin Yoga based which gives time & space to work on stuck energy, which allows the tight areas in the body to slowly open. This practice is a more meditative type where one has time to explore more of the inner landscape and where one brings body, mind and soul back into balance.

Combining Yin Yoga with Reiki activates the self healing and supports the therapy on an energetic level. 

Vanessa applies different tools with the clients, such as breathwork, meditation, chanting & mindfulness practices, which they can easily integrate into their daily lives.

She believes that with the right support and tools everyone is able to create meaningful change and overall wellbeing in their lives.

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