An extreme form of sadness that does not seem to have an ending in which feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, demotivation, emptiness, guilt, irritability, worthlessness, anger and shame can be experienced. Sleep is very often affected as well as appetite which can be either poor or excessive. One’s ability to concentrate and be productive can be significantly reduced. In some cases, all these symptoms can lead to thoughts of suicide. There are various types of depression such as: 

  • Major depressive disorder 

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Seasonal affective disorder 

  • Cyclothymic disorder

  • Dysthymic disorder 

These are all mood related disorders in which symptoms, episodes and duration will vary between one and the other. In some cases, these can be chronic lifelong conditions for various physiological reasons. These should be carefully diagnosed by qualified healthcare professionals. They are all treatable with proper professional guidance. 

Sometimes, a person might present with all the symptoms indicative of a depression disorder, however treatment might not necessarily need to be medical. It might be that the presented symptoms be a common reaction to certain life events as opposed to a medical condition. This is the reason why careful assessment is a must as opposed to rushing into diagnosis. 

Our Choices Retreats program is an effective evidence based integrated cognitive behavioral therapy approach that will help you learn strategies to better manage the pitfalls of depression, whether the depression has a physiological or psychological basis to it. Together we will take the time required to provide you with the necessary know how so that you can make improved decisions with respect to the way you are managing your condition. And in the eventuality that your depression is a reaction to specific life events, our program is really effective for healing and recovery. Learn more about our depression and anxiety retreats

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