Recognizing that stress is having a negative effect on your daily life is one step closer to healing.

We are here to help and guide you through this journey of discovery and recovery.

Stress is part of life when it makes you achieve new things and expand your knowledge of yourself or your surroundings, on the other hand negative stress will only take from your ability to thrive and fulfill your true potential . 

We all experience these various forms of stress but it is the way in which we respond and cope that ultimately makes the difference between becoming ill or flowing in an adaptive way. As the saying goes: our feelings are like waves, you can’t stop them from coming but you can choose which ones to surf. Learning how to manage stress in life is key to a healthy and peaceful life.

Giving yourself the opportunity to take a break, in order to take a step back, away from your daily routine is what this unique program is all about. Negative stress is the number one cause for both physical and mental illness.

Our program will provide you with essential strategies that will allow you to cope with life’s uncertainties in a more flexible and adaptable way. Read more about our retreats for depression.

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