The word ‘trauma’ is usually associated with the result of an extremely violent experience, however, this is not the only type of trauma. A trauma can simply be any sort of experience that is emotionally overwhelming to the person. In other words, a trauma is not limited to a visibly distressful event such as a natural catastrophe, a war or some other disaster. It can be the result of physical or psychological abuse whether sexual or emotional. Not everyone who has these unfortunate experiences will end up being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, however, they can still be significantly affected and will benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy to assist them in the process of debriefing. 

Typical signs of post-traumatic stress disorders, which is a type of anxiety disorder will include experiencing symptoms such as flashbacks, intrusive memories, recurring dreams. Sleep disturbance is common and so is a state known as hyper-vigilance in which the person will find themselves in a heightened state of alertness to anything threatening.

 Recovering from trauma or PTSD is possible with qualified help. Choices Retreats program is an effective evidence based approach to working through the trauma. Being in a serene environment, conducive to healing whilst developing more effective ways of coping in order to let go of the trauma is ideal. Our integrative cognitive behavioral approach, including mindfulness, biofeedback and cognitive hypnotherapy are known to be efficient to one’s recovery.

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