Ever asked yourself what a thought is?

What about a belief?

Do you know that your thoughts will trigger emotions?

Every time you experience a feeling, there is a thought behind. It might not be in your field of awareness, however it is there. The connection between thoughts and feelings is so fast that we usually will notice the feeling first and automatically assume that my feelings affect my thoughts. What really happens though is that my feeling will automatically lead me to experience the situation I am in further. Whether that may be a positive feeling or a negative one.

Let’s say I feel anxious. I get all panicky and totally loose sense of direction. I have this automatic thought that my entire world is crumbling which then leads to my anxiety to increase.  It is my thought that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Likewise, let’s say I am feeling calm. My heart is beating a peaceful rhythm, and I have this automatic thought that I am connected to the world and everything I want I can achieve. This leads my calm feeling to increase and become more present in my day to day life. This too is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We can say that thoughts are like the clouds you see in the sky. They come and go. However, it for each of us to be aware that we can choose what thought to intentionally spend our time on. As I gradually understand the way my mind works, I become a real master of my life. It is a clear understanding that turns into the unequivocal ‘conviction’, ‘truth’, ‘knowledge’ that we usually refer to as belief that then shapes the course of the rest of my emotional experiences in my daily life.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, anger, pain, traumadepression, obsessions, burnoutrelationship issues, there is always a solution. Learning how to use your mind is a prerequisite to living our full potential. Investing of your time to understand this most incredible device will set you free from your suffering and shed light into the ocean of possibilities. Because without the right skill, nor insight, it similar to owning a space shuttle without knowing how to use it. Can you imagine the numerous things that could happen?

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